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This compilation comprises a series of experiments, notes on how we humans perceive our world through the pictures we take. Initiated by the creative thinkers of KesselsKramer, it contains both original and found photography.

American Zoo (Jennifer Skupin), Anonymous (Ewoudt Boonstra), Bad Food Gone Worse (Ewoudt Boonstra & René Nuijens), Bangkok Beauties (Erik Kessels), Bombay Beauties (Erik Kessels), Brussels Beauties (Erik Kessels), Couples (Erik Kessels), Photo Cubes (Erik Kessels), Strangers in My Photo Album (Erik Kessels), Tree Paintings (Erik Kessels).

The 10 cahiers come in a box, including Strangers in my Photo Album and Bad Food Gone Worse, both sold out in all stores.

Books are signed by editors Ewoudt Boonstra, Erik Kessels, René Nuijens and Jennifer Skupin.

Published by kesselskramer (2011)
10 signed books in box with numbered insert
185 x 240 x 55 mm
Edition of 50