Publisher: Little Big Man
Edition of 300

hardcover in slipcase
300 copieEdition of 300

Doug Rickard

Price : 150 €

"TOM is book about obsession," explains artist Doug Rickard. "Mine and someone else's. We watch over the shoulder of he who once watched over other shoulders." Drawing its name from that of a peeping Tom, TOM unearths vintage found images that show the voyeuristic surveillance of a certain archetype of woman in the streets of 1960s Los Angeles. The subjects of each photograph are stockinged, short skirted, and stylish-and as seen longingly through someone else's lens - clearly an object of desire and interest. Viewed through the passing of time, the menace and original kink of these images have perhaps eroded. Taken in a city defined by theatrical artifice, the found nature of these rolls discovered by Rickard may never be truly revealed. Are they the product of a true deviant, or perhaps a staged commission for erotic interests? Through the rolls, we see the progress of several seasons (in Los Angeles' case, winter is heralded through Christmas advertisements lining sunny streets), hinting at a larger body of images than has yet been revealed.