60 p, 33 x 23 cm
30 B&W illustrations
Publisher: Walter Koenig
ISBN: 9783863356101

Jochen Lempert

Price : 35 €

Over the past two decades, Jochen Lempert has drawn from his personal archive of hundreds of images to create photographic installations that immerse the viewer in a field of poetic visual associations. Lempert's images of the natural world – ocean waves, plants, birds, insects, reptiles, seashells, and taxidermied specimens from natural history museums – are made through a variety of experimental and traditional processes that, to a certain extent, mimic the inherent order and randomness of the natural world itself. While some of his photographs are taken with a 35mm camera from scientific research vessels in the North Sea or in the urban environment of his hometown of Hamburg, Germany, many are made through camera-less processes. He creates photograms by lying natural specimens directly on photographic paper. Foliograms, such as his Transmission series (2009), are made by placing leaves directly into the darkroom enlarger and allowing light to pass through them onto the photo paper. Lempert also prints his photographs using non-traditional techniques. Hand-printed on heavy photographic paper, they are not pressed and presented unframed – this enhances the viewer's sense of the paper as an object with the tactile quality of a charcoal drawing.