32 p, 28 x 22 cm.
Publisher : Marian Goodman Gallery

Dan Graham

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The second edition of a catalog originally published by the Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County in 1975, For Publication reproduces a series of Dan Graham’s projects from the 1960s that both drew from and were made to be inserted into the mass media. His “Schema” deal with quantifying linguistic and stylistic information from magazine articles; “Detumescence” was one of many projects that Graham deployed in paid advertising space of various magazines, as was “Dan Graham Inc.” and “Likes : A Computer-Astrological Dating -Placement Service.” “Income Piece” and the proposal for Aspen Magazine are reproduced as is “Homes For America,” originally published in Arts Magazine from December 1966 - January 1967. In a section on Information, Graham situates his data-organization practices in the context of Ramon Lull, Borges, Marshall McLuhan, Mallarmé and Roy Lichtenstein.