24 × 31 cm
172 pages colour / b&w
Linen hardcover, silver foil edging
©Paul Kooiker & Jurgen Maelfeyt
ISBN 9789490800918

edition of 2000
September 2018
co-published with Dashwood Books and FOMU

Paul Kooiker

Price : 52 €

Paul Kooiker’s “encyclopaedia of life” in 164 images. This ambitious but utopian project reads like a sampler of photographic genres: landscape, nude, still life, etc. To achieve this, Kooiker often uses clichés more reminiscent of the propaganda of tourist brochures or of religious and political rhetoric in the media.

Encyclopédie sur la vie de Paul Kooiker en 164 pages. Eggs and Rarities est un projet ambitieux et tout autant utopique constitué d'un échantillonnage de genres photographiques alliant paysage, nu, nature morte, etc.