Corinne Vionnet — PARIS PARIS PARIS (Special edition)
Corinne Vionnet — PARIS PARIS PARIS (Special edition)

PARIS PARIS PARIS (Special edition)
Corinne Vionnet

  • Ink jet print coming with the book
  • Printed on Canson photographic Rag paper
  • 20 x 29 cm
  • Edition of 50
  • Signed and numbered

Regular Edition here

Since 2005, Corinne Vionnet has been working on mass tourism and the massive circulation of images. Paris Paris Paris follows on from the series that made her famous. After studying several destinations, the artist turned her attention to one of the most photographed cities, and found numerous sites and monuments that feed an uninterrupted flow of images. The Swiss artist transforms the raw material she works with: standardized snapshots of hyper-frequented places that feed social networks. Her images, which reveal nothing of the considerable work involved in their creation (archive research, crowdsourcing and collage), question our collective memory and tourist behavior. Why do we always take and share the same images?