David De Beyter — PRISM OF LIGHT DIFFRACTION I (Special edition)

David De Beyter

  • Signed poster
  • 50 x  60 cm
  • Indigo print
  • Satin premium paper (170g)
  • Edition of 100

Prism Of Light Diffraction I is a photograph from David De Beyter's work The Skeptics. In scientific ufology, the effects of light diffraction that appear in photographs are the object and subject of analysis. Here, the artist recreates this optical phenomenon in his studio. The diffraction prism is placed on a photograph of a New Age gathering dating from the 1970s, which took place at the "Ucanca Valley" site in Tenerife, which for centuries has been the site of strange beliefs and overlaying narratives. More than this, the photograph evokes the idea of the mirage, and can be understood as a meditation on the obsolescence of a belief, on the end of a modern myth.