Luce Lebart — INVENTIONS, 1915-1938 (Special edition)
#1 Tap and die (1917-1918)
Luce Lebart — INVENTIONS, 1915-1938 (Special edition)
#2 Riveted plate 1922
Luce Lebart — INVENTIONS, 1915-1938 (Special edition)
#3 Strap for automatoc rifle 1917-1918

INVENTIONS, 1915-1938 (Special edition)
Luce Lebart

  • Chromogenic print on metallic paper 
  • (24 x 30,5 cm)coming with the book 
  • Print : 14 x 22 cm
  • Signed and numbered on a label
  • Limited edition of 30

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Between 1916 and 1939 thousands of films and photographs were produced in France, in line with the national policy encouraging scientific and industrial research. These largely unknown images stand as visual witnesses to twenty years of invention and research. Their analog archives trace through the history of innovation, anchored at first in war and national defense, before shifting towards civilian and domestic life. This history, interlaced with design, lies at the crossroads of science, technology and industry. The images also tell a story that is still unfolding today, that of the institutionalization of research. From the very beginning a systematic archiving policy was set up. These administrative, yet aesthetically breathtaking images were produced in mass by the institution. Behind the scenes however, visionaries and pioneers harnessed and experimented with the power of the still and moving image: its demonstrative, archival, educational, aesthetic and communicational applications.